About the lead time

Normally, our lead time is about 15 -20 days. When you place an order with us, we will make the production plan first, caused we have lots of products which are bought by different customers to produce every day. Some customers place the orders before you, so their LED lighting products will be made first.

However, the lead time is also related to many factors. For example, sometimes, some customers urgently need a batch of products. For example, some customers ask us to ship out the products as soon as they place the orders, or they ask us to send them out in one week.

In that case, we will adjust our production plan. Without affecting the lead time of other orders, we will arrange to make the urgent orders in advance. When we meet similar situations, we usually ask our workers to work overtime to meet the requirements of customers and let them have a good rest when there is no urgent production task.

How do we shorten the lead time?

Method 1: We have mentioned in the content above. We can ask our workers to work overtime. For example, we can arrange for them to work on Saturday or Sunday. However, we are also very concerned about the physical and mental health of our employees. We can arrange for them to rest on Monday, Tuesday, etc. We are a company with rich culture.

Method 2: We usually arrange the quantity of stock of finished products according to how popular they are. If the products are very popular, we will produce many and put them in the warehouse. In that case, we can ship out as soon as you place the order.

For the custom products or the products which are not very popular, we usually have few in our stock. We prefer to store some basic materials or parts, such as PCB, LEDs, resistances, and other components. Such commonly used components are very helpful to shorten the lead time.

Wholesale Lighting LTD will do our best to shorten the lead time and send the products to you ASAP. Our target is to provide the best services to every customer. In order to know more about our service, the following contents will show you some items that may be you are interested in.

Some of Our popular products