How to buy from us

Wholesale Lighting LTD is a professional lighting company. Our website is a B2B platform, so you can’t place orders online. Although it doesn’t like the B2C platform, please no worries, it’s also very easy to buy from us. Please use the contact us form or the yellow button to send the requirements or detailed information about the products to us. we will reply as soon as possible and normally, it’s in one day.

If you have some questions about our products or our company, such as you are not sure whether we can provide the wholesale lighting fixtures you need, etc. Please no worries, send messages to us. It’s free and takes you less than 1 second. We can provide any information to you for free and you will lose nothing. So, why not? More references can help you to get more information, even if you already have a supplier. We can guarantee to protect your privacy and never send your information to any others.

If you can’t receive our reply for a long time, please check the dustbin of your mail or whether your mailbox is full. Sometimes, our email is placed in the dustbin by your email system. Usually, we will reply to you ASAP. If there is an accident, you can also call us or add our Whatsapp account.

Our Whatsapp account: +86-15999633817

The list of wholesale lighting fixtures is limited on our website. There are just some commonly used products, such as LED strip lights, wholesale bulbs, panel lights, and others. However, We can also provide many other products at a pretty price. If you can’t find the products on our website, please no worries, send a message to us. We can make and help you to save budget.

Normally, the buying process from us is as follows

Step 1. You send messages or inquiries to us.

Step 2. Our sales manager will contact you as soon as possible after we receive your message or requirements, then we will confirm every detail with you, such as how to pay, about the lead time, how to deliver and so on.

Step 3. When everything is confirmed, we will send a PI with the information on how to pay. Then please send a PO to us, if there is no problem with the PI.

Step 4. After we receive the PO, please arrange the payment, then we can produce and ship the products to you.

The purchase process is very simple. The most important is to confirm every detail about your requirements and help to save your budget. For other aspects of our services, you can read the following contents.

Some of our popular products