How to pay

The payment method we recommend is the bank transfer. After we confirm every detail of the wholesale lighting products with you, we will send a PI with our bank information to you. You can transfer the money to our bank account and please send the bank slip to us after your transfer.

We very understand that the bank transfer is not the most convenient at some time and it will take some time to do it. Very apologize for that. However, this is the requirement of our financial department. When they receive your bank slip, then they will allow us to produce or ship out the products.

Are the credit card, Paypal, or other methods available for the payment?

In most situations, credit cards and other payment methods are not available. If the situation is very urgent, we can apply to use Paypal, etc. For formal orders or bulk orders, a bank transfer is the only available method for our financial department.

After you send the money to our bank, normally, it will take about 3 days to receive it. We can buy materials and produce them as soon as you send the bank slip to us. It will not waste much time.

Payment for long relationships with customers

We love keeping a long relationship with our customers. We know each other because of the products and become good friends after we worked together. A long relationship means we trust each other. In that case, we can talk more about the payment terms.

When our financial department receives your payment or bank slip, then we will start to produce or ship out the products. In order to understand more about our services, the following items would be much helpful.

Some of Our popular products