Wholesale LED bulbs

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The LED bulb is the first wholesale lighting fixture we recommend. The bulb is the earliest electric light. In 1879, Edison invented the first light bulb which is called an incandescent lamp. With the reduction of cost, incandescent lamps began to enter thousands of households. It brought the world into the electric light age.

With the development of technology, incandescent lamps are replaced by fluorescent lamps. Now many countries in the world have static incandescent lamps, caused by they have many disadvantages. Fluorescent lamps are still widely used, but they will gradually be replaced by LED bulbs.

light bulbs are very widely used in various kinds of applications. It can be said that they can be used everywhere, such as at home, school, hospital, etc. Compared with other kinds of lighting fixtures, light bulbs have some advantages, for example, low price, small volume, long lifetime, etc. The price of many bulbs is less than 1USD.

With the development of technology, more and more light bulbs use LEDs as the light source. The LED bulbs are environmentally friendly and their lifetime can be over 50000 hours. The demand for LED bulbs is very large. Plenty of projects need to use bulk such products. Although the unit price is low, the total cost can be very high. If you want to save your budget, finding a very professional wholesale light bulb supplier is very important.

Wholesale Lighting LTD is your best choice. We are your best supplier with over 10 years of experience in the lighting field. We have our own factory in China and we sell our products to our customers directly. That’s why we can provide better prices and higher quality to you.

Plenty of common bulbs for selection

As a light bulb wholesaler, we have plenty of common LED bulbs for sale, such as MR bulbs, PAR bulbs, etc. Such bulbs are very popular and have been sold to lots of countries. You can buy bulk from us with a low piece and high quality, then use them in your project directly.

We have some bulbs in our stock, but the quantity is not too many. Instead, we usually store lots of materials for production in advance, for instance, LEDs, PCBs, connectors, etc. When the customers want to wholesale light bulbs from us, we can produce them very quickly and ship them out as soon as possible.

The common LED bulbs contain many types. The power, color temperature, and many other parameters are different from each other. That’s why it’s different for us to store lots of finished products. However, we have plenty of materials in our stock. Maybe different customers need different wholesale light bulbs, but many materials of the light bulbs are the same.

The commonly used LEDs in our stock have 5050 LED, 2835 LED, and so on. The color temperature of the LEDs we have is from 2500K to 12000K. If you need bulk light bulbs, please do not worry, we can make and send them to you very fast.

Various combination product packages for wholesale

We have met lots of similar cases. Lots of clients who buy bulk light bulbs from us also need many other products at the same time. Such a situation is very easy to understand. If you are a lighting distributor, you will not only need the light bulbs, but also many other lighting products, such as LED tube lights, ceiling panel lights, etc. If you are an engineering contractor, you always need bulk products, such as bulbs, cables, switches, and so on.

It will take you time if you want to find the supplier for every product. The good news is that we can provide various combination product packages for our customers. If you need to wholesale bulk light bulbs with other products, please feel free to send your list to us.

We can produce lots of products you need directly. It will save you much time and money. For the product we can not produce directly, we can also find the supplier here and control the quality and lead time for you. It’s more convenient for us to do such a thing than you.

Custom LOGO and package

Wholesale Lighting LTD has exported a huge quantity of light bulbs with our customers’ LOGO to many countries. Many customers wholesale bulk light bulbs from us and sell them to their customers. They authorize us to print their LOGO or brands in the products and packages. It means we are the factory of many lighting brands.

If you have similar needs, please feel free to contact us. We can print your LOGO or brand in the bulbs and packages according to your requirements, then send them to you. In that case, you can focus your energy on finding new customers and designing new products. As a professional light bulb supplier, we have the advantages of price and quality. You will never be disappointed with our service.

Wholesale custom light bulbs

Similar to other lighting fixtures, light bulbs also have many custom features, such as the input voltage, light color, color temperature, and so on. If you want to wholesale light bulbs with custom requirements, we are also your best choice.

Wholesale Lighting LTD has many electronic engineers and mechanical engineers with rich experience. We can design the PCB of light bulbs very fast. The commonly used design software has AutoCAD, Solidworks, OrCAD, PADS, and so on. Please feel free to send your details requirements to us, we will make the samples and send them to you to confirm. If you have no problem with the samples, then we can produce them in bulk.

The distributor or retailer near you

Lots of customers search the wholesale light bulb distributor or retailers near you. Although Wholesale Lighting LTD is in China, we can also send the products to you as fast as your local distributors. If we can the bulbs you need in our stock, we can ship them out as soon as you place the orders.

We have lots of basic materials in our stock, and we can produce them at once when we receive your orders. For the many common bulbs with the materials in our stock, we can produce and ship out in less than 7 days. For the very urgent orders, we can work overtime to meet your lead time.

Wholesale Lighting LTD is a very professional light bulb supplier. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We will do our best to provide the best services to you.