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Best Price

Wholesale lighting LTD has its own factory. The products are produced and sold to customers directly. Our cost is lower than competitors and we make a little from every order. So you can get the best price from us.

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High Quality

Plenty of LED lighting fixtures are made by ourselves. We usually check the quality of every step in the production process. The finished products will be tested by the QC department several times, then shipped to customers.

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Smile Services

We always do our best to work for every customer. Our aim is to have a long relationship with every customer. At work, customers are our God. In private, you are our best friend.

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Long  Warranty

You can get a long warranty for all of our wholesale lighting products. Usually, the lifetime of LEDs is over 50000 hours. If you find quality problems during the warranty period, please feel free to contact us to replace them.

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Fast Delivery

We will ship out your products ASAP after you place the orders. If the time is urgent, it just takes about 3-5 days to deliver the wholesale lighting products by air. It takes about 30 days to ship by sea.

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Variety Products

We can provide various kinds of lighting fixtures for wholesale, from indoor to outdoor, DC to AC, single color to RGB, and so on. If you need bulk products, please send your list to us. We can provide with a pretty price.

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Various Certifications

Plenty of wholesale lighting products we sell have passed many certifications, such as UL, CE, ROHS, and so on. For new products, we also have rich experience to apply the certifications.

Custom design| wholesalelightingltd.com

Custom Design

Lots of customers need the custom products, such as the LED tube with 12VDC input voltage. We have professional engineers with rich experience. It’s easy for us to design custom products.

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♦There are two many lighting models for one project that need to buy, it will waste much time to find suppliers for every model.

♦You will need lighting products for a long time, want to find a good supplier to cooperate for a long term.

♦You have an order which needs bulk lighting fixtures suddenly, and you want to find a wholesale lighting distributor.

♦You need some custom products, but you can not find the right company to make them.

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Some of our wholesale LED light strips

The LED strip is one of the most popular wholesale lighting fixtures. Although you don’t often see it directly, it’s widely used in lots of products. For instance, the light source of most TVs and monitors is made of LED strips. A large number of LED strips are used in parks and zoos. Lots of the dynamic and beautiful light you can see at night is emitted by LED strips.

According to the material of PCB of LED strip, it can be divided into two types. They are flexible light strips and hard light strips. The flexible LED strip is bendable. When the strip is not energized, you can cut it short with tools like scissors very easily to meet the length you need. The wholesale lighting hard LED strips are widely used in lots of products and lighting fixtures, such as LED tube lights and many others.

Buy bulk LED strip lights with the best price and quality from us.

Detail introduction

Hard LED strip light| wholesalelightingltd.com

Wholesale hard LED light strips

It’s made of hard PCB with LEDs and other components. The hard PCB refers to the material of the PCB as an aluminum substrate or glass fiberboard. The cost of aluminum is higher than the glass fiberboard, but its thermal performance is better. For the LED strip lights with high power, the aluminum board is a better choice. A good thermal performance is very helpful to extend life.

The cost of a glass fiberboard is cheaper. When you need to buy bulk LED strip lights, the low cost can help to save a lot of budgets. The most commonly used thickness of LED strips with glass fiber boards has 0.6mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.6mm, etc. The LED strips with glass fiberboards are very popular. Lots of customers buy such wholesale LED light strips from us.

Wholesale flexible LED light strips

Flexible LED strips are made by the flexible PCB, LEDs, and so on. The flexible PCB is the key component. It’s a kind of material that is different from the aluminum board and glass fiberboard. The LEDs, resistances, and other components are soldered on it and you can bend it into any shape.

Although the cost of a flexible board is a little higher than aluminum board and glass fiberboard, for wholesale LED light strips, we have many solutions to cut down the cost for our customers. Plenty of LED lights are made of flexible LED strips, such as neon lights, LED tape lights, and so on.

Soft LED strips| wholesalelightingltd.com

Smart LED light strips| wholesalelightingltd.com

Wholesale smart LED light strips

Smart LED strip lights refer to some features of the lights that are adjustable, such as brightness, color temperature, etc. There are a lot of applications that need to use smart LED strip lights. For example, sometimes you need the lights in the living room to be brighter, and sometimes you need to be darker. In a similar case, the smart LED light strips are the best choice.

We can provide bulk smart LED light strips for wholesale. Smart lights are always used with controllers. Some smart LED lights can be controlled by your phone. You can use your phone to adjust the brightness, color, color temperature, etc. The IR remote controllers are the most commonly used controllers for smart LEDs.

Wholesale RGB LED light strips

RGB refers to the LED light strips that can emit light in multiple colors. The color can be a combination of red, green, and blue. The lights with white light are commonly used as lighting fixtures. However, the RGB LED light strips are often used in decorative fields.

Our company can provide most kinds of wholesale RGB LED light strips. For bulk orders, we have the advantages of price and quality. The RGB lights need to be used with controllers, caused by you need to use the controller to change the color, display states, and so on.

RGB LED strip lights| wholesalelightingltd.com

Outdoor LED light strips| wholesalelightingltd.com

Wholesale outdoor LED light strips

According to the use environment, the LED strip lights can be divided into two types: indoor and outdoor. The outdoor lights have the requirements for the waterproof function. The IP rating is used to describe the ability of waterproof functions, such as IP65, IP67, etc. The highest is IP69. The higher the IP rating, the better the waterproof function.

Our wholesale outdoor LED light strips are made from common light strips and glue. Place the strips in the metal channel, then pour in the glue, and when the glue dries, the product is ready. There are plenty of applications that need bulk outdoor LED light strips, such as the decorative lights of bridges, buildings, etc.

Wholesale solar LED light strips

Solar light strips are commonly used in gardens, parks, and other places. The use of solar LED light strips are very convent. You don’t need to connect it to any power supplies. Solar panels can power LEDs. The wholesale solar LED strips are smart. They can store the power from sunlight during the day and light up the LEDs automatically at night.

Solar LED light strips are often used outdoor, so they are waterproof. They can display the dynamic colorful light. The cost of bulk solar LED lights is low, that’s why lots of users can’t refuse such products.

Solar LED strip lights| wholesalelightingltd.com

Battery LED strip lights| wholesalelightingltd.com

Wholesale battery LED light strips

Battery LED light strips are similar to solar LED strips. The difference is that its power supply is the battery. The use of battery lights is also very convenient. You can place them in any place. The battery power is limited, so the quantity of LEDs on the strip is not too many.

In order to protect the environment and save money, it’s better to use a rechargeable battery. There will be a switch on the battery box, turn on the switch, then the LED strip will be lighted up. Turn off the switch, then the LED strip will be powered off.

Wholesale custom LED light strips

We have met lots of customers who need bulk special LED light strips. For example, some customers want to buy LED strips with 5VDC input voltage. In fact, the LED light strips have many custom features, such as the input voltage, color, color temperature, power, and many others.

We are a professional manufacturer that can provide many kinds of wholesale LED light strips with a custom design. Our engineers have rich experience. You can send your mechanical drawing and requirements to us, we can produce them according to your requirements. We can also design for you.

Custom LED strip lights| wholesalelightingltd.com

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