Wholesale outdoor lighting

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Wholesale lighting outdoor fixtures are widely used in plenty of outdoor places, such as parks, streets, houses, etc. Compared with the indoor use environment, the outdoor environment is much more complex. That’s why its requirements for the lights are much higher. For example, most outdoor lights need to be waterproof.

LED lighting fixtures are widely used everywhere in our daily life. The outdoor lighting fixtures are designed for the complex environment with rain, snow, or any other bad weather. In general, they are very common and you can see them in many places, such as parks, streets, gardens, etc. The demand for outdoor lights is huge and wholesale outdoor lighting fixtures from the right supplier is the best solution to save your budget.

Different usage scenarios require different buying methods. If you need a few lights to use in your home garden, then you can buy them in your local store. It’s very fast. However, if you are a product distributor, engineering contractor, etc, then wholesale outdoor lighting products are the best way to save your money.

For example, if you are responsible for the building of a landscape, street, park, bridge, or other projects, you will need to use bulk outdoor lights. In that case, wholesale is the best method to control your cost and help you to make more money.

Why wholesale outdoor lighting from us

Wholesale lighting LTD is a professional supplier with our own factory. Our factory is located in Shenzhen China and we produce plenty of outdoor lighting fixtures by ourselves. Compared with other competitors, you can get better prices and high-quality wholesale outdoor lighting products from us.

Why can our price be better? That’s because we have a lower cost than our competitors, such as the rent, workers’ wages, etc. We have an efficient team. Our workers work actively and happily every day. In addition, we make a little from every order. We prefer to keep a long relationship with every customer.

Why is our quality very high? That’s because we produce lots of outdoor lighting fixtures directly. We can control the quality very well. Every material we buy from our suppliers will be checked before production. Our workers will also check the quality of every step in the production. The finished lighting fixtures will be tested several times to make sure there aren’t any quality problems.

What’s our lead time? In order to provide a short lead time to our customers, we usually store many basic materials for the orders of wholesale outdoor lighting. For instance, we have several types of LEDs the color temperature is from 2500K to 12000K in our stock. We also have many cables, connectors, and other components in our stock.

When you place the orders with us, these basic materials can help us to save much time. We also have some commonly used outdoor lighting fixtures in our stock. If that case, we can ship them out as soon as we receive the order. For many orders, we can ship out in about 7 days. When we meet very urgent orders, we usually work overtime to meet the lead time. We always do our best to provide the best services to every customer.

Maybe you can find many B2C platforms which sell outdoor lighting products. If you need to use a few pieces, it’s not bad to buy from the B2C platform. However, if you are the project leader or distributor, you would find that wholesale outdoor lighting fixtures from us are the best choice.

What kinds of wholesale outdoor lighting products we have

With over 10 years of experience in lighting, we can provide many kinds of outdoor lighting fixtures for wholesale. Although there are just a few products on the list of our website, what we can provide is much more, such as solar yard decoration lights, solar garden lights, outdoor Christmas lights, outdoor string lights, etc.

If you have any needs or questions, please feel free to use the contact us form to send messages to us. If it’s available, the more details are better for us to understand your requirements or projects, for instance, the quantity, lead time, and so on. Our sales manager will contact you for the first time after we receive your information.

Custom package with related products

Many customers who wholesale outdoor lights also ask us whether we can provide some other related products. This is very to understand. For example, if you are responsible for the building of a park, what you need is not only the landscape lighting fixtures but also many other products, such as cables, switches, pipes, etc.

If you have similar needs, you can send your list to us. We can send the quotation for other products to you at the same time. To wholesale from us will help you to save much time. You can focus more of your energy on finding new customers or other things. Moreover, compared with many suppliers, our price is also very competitive. So you don’t need to worry about anything.

Besides the outdoor lights, you can also wholesale many other lighting fixtures from us, for instance, the LED strip lights, LED bulbs, etc. The custom order package is very welcomed. We will do our best to provide all the products with the best price and quality.

Custom outdoor lighting fixture

In addition to common outdoor lighting fixtures for wholesale, we can also provide many custom products. The LED products have many custom features, such as the input voltage, color temperature, power, etc. You can design the custom outdoor lights by yourself, then we can produce them according to your requirements. If it’s necessary, we can also design for you.